Behind the Full Moon Launching Soon

19/07/2012 13:00

The most wanted writer's Compelling Novel, to be launched soon 

In the US and Canada -At present in editing stage

The anxious waiting of the readers is going to bear fruits, in the forthcoming few months. New novels of ‘V Bright Saigal’ are to be launched soon “Behind the Full Moon” a mainstream novel, will be in the market, followed by  ‘Behind the Full Moon’, a romantic novel and, ‘Conscript Memorial’ a mystery will be launched.

According to the author’s publicist, the readers will have adequate themes and memorable scenes, to be read and relish, and to live in that. All three novels are, one to one competent and fascinating. Some critics have already come out against author’s works, as there are many sensitive factors unearthed through all his works. Unfortunately many critics are belonging to critical position and respectable personalities.

Author’s e-mail magazine, Poems & Stories, already received a positive response from the readers. Many readers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Asia have already commented about the deep thinking and penetrative nature of author’s works.  

Author's web site has been enriched with short stories and poems. New poems and short stories will be posted soon. A brief visit on his site will be a good experience for any reader. His novel Conscript Memorial is in editing stage.

A master pieces of real life with a bit of suspense; shower and the spirit of real life every corner. Some human beings are trying to swim across the life, some of them drown, some luckier seeing the other side of the life.

A page of very one's life taken out and stitched together. Here you cry, I cry, every one cries