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Barbara Watkins





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V, I have to say, out of all the many web sites that I have reviewed, I have enjoyed yours the most. Your poems were beautiful. Your short stories were indeed a piece of art. I just thought I was a writer. Maybe a good story teller, but I have a long way to go. I have a problem of telling and not showing enough. Obviously you don't! Great work! If you go to my site please sign my guest book.


February 1, 2006 03:10:27 (GMT Time)

                       A Fascinating Award

I wish you great success but if you keep writing you won't need luck. I believe

your work speaks for itself.


Barbara Watkins

Author 'Behind the Red Door' and 'Thorns of an Innocent Soul'

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I enjoyed 'A Cradle In My Heart'. The site has an annoying pop up ad on its home page, but other than that my visit was enjoyable. Best of luck!.

2008-03-20 22:48:48   tom

Very interesting, personable writing site of a very talented Indian writer. Guestbook is a nice touch too. Impressed with your press releases. Good luck with your future writings.. 

 2007-03-17 13:40:22   Dave

A site full of information about very prolific author... and a few too many commercial links, sadly. There is a lot of scrolling around the pages, can you improve on the navigation?. 

2007-02-28 12:22:05   Sabrina

Always love to read your poems. You are indeed a talented human being. Thanks again for posting my message and website on yours..

2006-12-25 22:35:25   Barbara

I enjoyed your writing, and it's clear you're a very insightful person. I wish you well in your creative endeavors!. 

2006-10-13 07:08:30   wayne

Very nice site, loved the writings and poems. Enjoyed my visit will stop in again from time to time..

2006-09-22 06:54:19   Donald

V. Bright,

Your poems were selected by the anthology editor, Dr. Zachary Oliver . Zach is an accomplished poet and selected poems for their clarity and poignancy.  I was pleased to hear from him that several of your poems were selected! .  I'll let you know more as things proceed toward an anticipated December 2010 release date (anticipated release dates can be very fluid), but in the meantime, my personal congratulations!