Make Me Laugh (Rock)

12/12/2016 07:46

Make Me Laugh (Rock)

Make me laugh

You, don’t let me cry

Sit down once

And tell your story At once

Talk to me once

And you love me At once

Erupt those memories

Wake those ripples at once

Keep the world move on

Don’t stare at me , ever

Destiny was cruel to me

Never let me cry

Just sit and laugh

You never let others feel bore

Life is faster, rolling all dice on the table

Start dancing till you fall

Then sing your own song once again

Life is full of dreams

Filling stars the sky glistens

Never let clouds stain shining stars

Let them just shine in your life

Where else you dance?, but on the earth

Keep you smile at the teasing stars above once again

Creep in the dreams, swing in life

Plough your hardships, till them till they turn small

Don’t be a kid, never sit and cry

Just fight back till you win

If the destiny preys o you

Never sit back and cry,

Just fight ad win!!1

Win at last, win at last.


V Bright Saigal