Poems & Short Stories-12

19/07/2012 12:43

The Horizon ( Short Story)

 V Bright Saigal

Sitting under the tree I looked at the western horizon. The sun is slowly submerging into the ocean. The sky turned reddish and the scattered clouds floated around as if witness the funeral of the sun. The birds are flying from the horizon dipping themselves in the crimson as if they flying up from the red lake far from the Meccava islands. A butterfly is just flying above my head, again flying up from the blossom in the garden after a sumptuous meal since morning. Its golden spots on the deep blue tint wings glistened in the evening light excited my otherwise inspiration after a long break from my country life.. The birds flying in the horizon slowly ascended towards the east in search of their nest they had discarded in the morning when the sun shown up face far behind the hills. A yellow leaf fell on my feet without giving pain, yet it pained my heart. After serving a lot the tree it retired with dignity, now lying on my feet. The grassing deer’s and stags slowly reached the tree as the grass were tall and greenery around here. Standing behind me is a huge cactus bearing flowers inviting the spring and its spirit alike. Even a frog has its own happy days, I felt. The spring near the small mountain splashed on the rock at the bottom laughed louder reflecting the last rays of te dipping sun, turned the water a little lilac and more. This is the evening I was waiting for all my hostel life yearn to reach my home. Sitting under the tree that I had planted years ago now taller than me I try to relish the beauty of our village and the sun set.

V Bright Saigal 17th Oct. 2007

An AIDS patient’s weep! (Poem)

Prevailing death above my head;

Laughing at the hopes I ever pampered

Clouded my heart it shut the door.

Sinking my life beneath the debris,

Kindness and love deserted me long ago.

Now my bed soaking in hopelessness,

Weakening body once stood as a mountain.

Weeping today saying no more ahead,

Sinking all hopes once floated apex.

Touching the horizon turning red and dark,

Where I lost my way, a thoughtless moment, else where?

Accepting defeat I sink for ever;

Cursing the moment I lost my way.

Never again, never again!


V Bright Saigal


This is my answer to Vikram Seth.