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July 2006 issue…

The Rain Bow (Poem)

The rainbow in my memory still prevails

Beneath the depth of my perennial love

Ripples of laughter yet subside

Once filled my life in bosom

Fragrance spring still in the breeze

Echoing those fallen flowers, weeping

Receding my desire unto the ocean

And those unending quench submerged again

Echoing your laughter in the depth of my heart

As the jingles on the foot of a dancer

Happiness vanished beyond the horizon

Leaving the unending desire in my courtyard again

Weeping my heart and wetty eyes

Still waiting for you and that laughter

V BRIGHT SAIGAL 6th June –2006

The Shuttle Train  (Short story)

I was waiting at the railway station, a wetty, cloudy, smoggy day. Smoking a thick cigar and wearing a long coat and a thick cap I stood looking at the light post.

“ You are here quite long time I suppose” a female voice.

I turned back, wearing a knee length black suit and tilted hat a sweet woman. Any one will like her, if look at her lovely blue eyes.

“ No, just less than fifteen minutes” I

 “ I feel I missed the train to Empire,” she said.

Empire: an industrial town of the country. Thickly populated, educated and the most skilled people travels from different places to here in the early morning in the crowdie shuttle train.

“ I too waiting for the same train “ I said.

“ Thank God, I didn’t miss the train I suppose, in fact I was running” She

Leaving her heavy brief case on the platform, she opened her handbag and dug out a small had mirror and a lipstick, started applying on her lovely lips.

“ I was in hurry” again she said.

“Without this Yu are beautiful,” I said.

“ I am flattered’ she.

“ Thank you for your complements”

Widening her lips she smiled, then I felt, her lips got a form of magnetic power.

“What do you do?” She asked me.

“ I am an engineer” I

“ Engineering is a prestigious profession”

Once I wanted to be, But I lost that tempo” she.

“ Where to?” I

“ My husband is in Metropolitan. I visit now and then” she

“ Now and then? Are you still not married?” I

“ Yae, but we are not very close”

“ Husband and wife are the closest people have I ever seen” I

“ May be, but there is a cliff between us, you can say a form of apathy” She added, looking away at the light post, shining its red eye.

“ Care, it has to come from ones own heart” I added.

“ Anyhow, my life is a shuttle service, the concept of care I never seen I our relation, instead, we are just pulling the cart” she.

“ Compromise is good and he may love you more than you realize” I

“ If it was there, I would have saved the train fare” she

“ Didn’t you file for divorce?’ Again I asked

“ No’ she said…

“ But you love him” I

“ Yes, so long as this shuttle train takes me unto there” she

“ You didn’t say where he works” I

“ He is in merino hospital” she

The Merino, it shocked me.   

I too was going there. But I didn’t say. Instead, I hid my surprise with a smile, then bit the cigar, took a puff.

“ The merino, admits mental patients. I suppose,” I said.

“ Your husband must be a doctor,” I added after a pause.

She went silent, and then changed the subject.

“ Where are you to?”

She asked me

“ The same place, my wife is there” I

“ Oh!” I got a company; I am scared of going there. I am sure she must be a doctor.

“ Medical profession ids a noble profession” She said again.

But it didn’t excite me.

The train arrived from far, and stopped in front of us with a hiss.

Both of us got into different compartments.

After a week, I met her, at the corridor of the hospital The Merino. Then she was pushing a man in a wheel chair.

An unexpected encounter!

She turned her face away and hid tears.

“ See, you are not alone in this world” I tried to console her.

Without saying anything, she pushed the wheel chair through the corridor

Then, the man in the wheel chair was talking to the nearest pillar and laughing louder.

Nearby, another woman was standing. My wife. She was talking to the lamppost in the garden and crying.

V BRIGHT SAIGAL 6th June 2006.

Today’s Joke

One fine chilly morning, I went a friend’s farmhouse. The servant had come and asked me

“ What would you take sir?”

I said “ send something hot”.   I was shivering.

After ten minutes, he came with a chilled bottle Coca Cola.