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                                   V BRIGHT SAIGAL


New Year Issue 2006



A Cradle in My Heart


Delicate heart, still cradle those days;

The stream of perennial love, prevailed once

Deep in my heart, prevail those jingles;

The stream of never ending love, perennial

Deep in my heart prevail, those smiles;

Once echoed in my heart, waking up love

Still hope prevails as refulgent full moon, ever;

Forgotten days are the fallen flowers

Flying up in my heart, as scattered clouds

The starlit sky still winking at me;

As if they teasing, my unending quest


V Bright Saigal, 31st Jan 2006







A Delayed Spring ( Short Story)


I met this woman on a railway platform. Elegant, beautiful, blessed with melodious voice, I can enumerate, many of her qualities.


Hi, I greeted her.

Hi, how do you do? Lifted her goggles, she kept above her plaited hair. That brown shade lipstick, I felt matching her complexion.


‘Where are you from’? I implored.


‘Quite far off’, she said, as if she doesn’t have any specific destination.


‘I am from Nerula’, I said


‘Oh! I heard of it, one of the most populous cities, you must be a businessman’, she wondered.

‘No, I am a surgeon’

Oh! You don’t look like, dressing like a businessman.

 I accepted the complements with a bit of conceit.

‘What do you do’?  I,

‘ Business, I took a room in the nearest hotel, since five days I have been here, drop in sometime. She said. My room is 5 O 5.Hotel Nero’


Nero is a famous hotel.


‘Sure’, with a conceit, I got into my compartment, so did she. Sitting opposite to me, only we both, I was quite puzzled.

 ‘How many children do you have?’ I asked

‘None’, she said.

‘What about your husband?’ Again I


‘Left me, quite long ago, I am a loner’, looking at the horizon, she said


‘Why don’t you marry again?’ Again I


‘Sure, there is, there is a possibility, a marriage of conveniences’, hiding her wetty eyes with goggles, she whispered.

I kept silence for some time, while she was looking at the meadows through the window.


“Life takes us through different gullies, sometimes we may get injuries, deeper one will be in the heart” she added


‘ How is your wife and children?’ She asked me


‘I am a bachelor, where are you going now?’


I was curious


‘Nowhere, I travel now and then’


“Traveling is a good hobby and fascinating,” I said


“ There is nothing fascinating in my case, instead, I am running away from my life” she added


“Be patient, I said, who knows you won’t find someone good on your way!”


I encouraged


“It is fine like this”. She swept her nose.


“See, the Sun rise, every Sun rise is a promise of a new day” I said


She smiled


Then I offered her a flower, she accepted, the lips widened with a smile again, as if a new sunrise in her heart.

After three months we met again, not on the platform, but to share a wedding ring.

Then I heard a warble in her heart, as if a new spring arrived in her life.

V Bright Saigal

31st Jan.2006





Today’s Joke:


One fine morning, I had dialed up my girl friend; unfortunately her mother picked the receiver. In order to save myself, I said,

‘There is fire in my home’.

‘This is not the fire station’, her mother, then she angrily threw the receiver onto the receiver.

Happily I returned to my work.

After fifteen minutes, there was a siren in front of my gate. The fire engine already arrived and the firemen jumping out and searching for my home.

It took half an hour to pacify them and send back.

Again my phone rang, my girl friend’s mother

‘ How do you feel now? Don’t try to seduce my daughter again.

 ‘Her grueling voice from the other side’.

I lost my words.

V Bright Saigal. 3rd Feb.2006