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A Breeze in My Heart(Poem)

Pampering heart again blowing in memories

Waking up those jingles of laughter

Echoing in my heart drizzling dreams

Slithering on my deep wound on heart oozing blood

Rhythm of dance in my heart again waking up

Seeing the sheen of love once again

Where you vanished leaving me again tell

Showering fire flies still wandering along my past

Shining stellar system laughing at me again

Come again; grab my sinking soul into oblivion

V Bright Saigal/ 13th Dec.2010

A Meeting (Short story)

The meeting almost over, I was about to pack up.

“Are you to the Airport?” a question from far behind.

“Yes” I turned towards the direction of the voice, bearing an invited smile.

“Me too” enthusiastically dropping the heavy air bag on the floor she sat on it. “The journey was tiring, I can’t stand any more” she said with a sigh of relief.

“You should have come with your husband” I said, teasing her with an appearing smile that I suppressed.

 “I had one definitely, I would have” she smiled. Adding more curiosity in my otherwise; suspicious mind that gruel on every strangers.

“Ho, I am sorry, you look married” I retreat and squealed with guilty feeling.

“Oh, no, I didn’t feel anything; I had to marry long back”

She paused as if her words struck on her throat and choked ---

I observed her eyes wetting slowly when she looking into the abyss of the lowering sun in the horizon.

“What about you?” she, waking up a form of curiosity that hidden somewhere at the bosom in my heart.

 Marriage didn’t knock at my door as yet, I think it won’t”

I said while lit a cigar, then lifted my hat fanned away the rising smoke that slowly dissolved into the atmosphere, again kept the hat on my head.

“Don’t write off like that, who knows you won’t meet someone on your way to home” she laughed louder. The jingles of her laughter woke the one I had lost in my college days, her laughter echoed in my heart like broken glass pieces falling on the floor. The sound of jingles I pampered while she was dancing woke up again, my world was changing…I was diving into my past…where I lost Ellen…my college sweet heart..Now sleeping peacefully somewhere in a British cemetery leaving me plod alone the rest of my life with a bleeding heart that never heal.

But, the moment changed when the stage girl at the Air port laughed and lit a lamp in my heart.

Now, it is ten years that laughter fills my life. During these years we loved, we fought and made a family with two kids. Still her laughter fills my life.

V Bright Saigal

13th Dec.2010.