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April-2009 issue

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The Philosophy of Governance /Book launched-

 In a system every one should get maximum benefits out of governance, that is every individual’s right. This should be the philosophy of governance. The functioning of the government should resemble that of a human body, a total co-ordination of every selfless organ. Philosophy and empty promises will not fill an empty stomach, but following through on the promises of satisfaction shall be a fulfilling food.

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The Song of a Wind

 Mischievous wind blown in my heart slowly,

Strewn over the petals of memories you left behind

Weeping heart once again woke up bleeding

From the stupor it followed ever since for long

Life turned vibrant shaking tenderness, dipped in tears

Bashing waves of sorrow thrashed the walls again

Sheen of your smile hailing in my heart; like

The rising sun in the summer dawn ascending

Swinging leaves in rhythm in the breeze teasing me

For sitting alone ruminating vanished days

Life is momentous and vanished in a moment,

Taken the dearest in my heart for good

Stealing a moment I sit here again

Pampering memories you left behind.

V Bright Saigal

12th April 2009

A Vibrant Evening

The stars are vibrant in the sky while the crescent shown veiling a part of its face in the darkness while a comet just flew across the sky and vanished like a naughty child running away snatching something from the stars. A piece of cloud flew from horizon slowly passes through the sky like a sail boat caught in the wind , suddenly, a wind blowing from the sea forcing the leaves swing the buds in the cradle. Filling fragrance in the surroundings it has blown towards me exciting my heart from lull. The ripples slowly woke up in the breeze slowly touched and ran away from the shore. Nocturnal birds are hopping from one tree to another in search of something left behind for them by their comrades of daylight. The horizon in reddish apron still; and this dusk exciting me again.

V Bright Saigal

12th April 2009