Poems & Stories-16

19/07/2012 12:47


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The Philosophy of Governance /Book launched-

 In a system every one should get maximum benefits out of governance, that is every individual’s right. This should be the philosophy of governance. The functioning of the government should resemble that of a human body, a total co-ordination of every selfless organ. Philosophy and empty promises will not fill an empty stomach, but following through on the promises of satisfaction shall be a fulfilling food. False propaganda will not bear fruit, but ploughed land and hard work will garnish enough crops to feed the masses. Rights cannot be harvested unless the sense of duty is dutifully invested. Unless the sense of responsibility is honored the holiness of right is an empty promise. In the place it is honored there is prosperity, where there is not, it is a barren land.

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The Rhyme (Poem)

Jingles in my heart rose again

Waking up memories, forgotten once

Ripples of laughter still in m heart

Rhyming ripples wake up heart signing

Brought once and celebrated festive

Momentous dreams bore in seven colors again

Like a new rainbow touching the horizon

Jovial stars smiling winking they sailing

Teasing waving hands sailing in the sky again

Refulgent full moon ascending in the east

Is it the spring I waited for ever?

The spring in my memories once vanished

When your laughter gone silent for good

Once again your dreaming eyes lost luster

Leaving me weeping where did you vanish?

Waiting for ever to see you again

V Bright Saigal

26th Nov.2008

A Beautiful Night (Short story)

The birds are almost flown back to their nests, except chirrup of some birds on tree tops and that of peacocks on the oaks nothing is heard in the night. The moon slowly ascending from behind the mountain with his beaming face and the clouds are white and dark scattered across the sky hiding some winking stars. On and off comets pass through and vanish in the darkness. The trees in the grove twisted in the wind. Breaking branches falling down when the vampire bats trying to land on them.

An heir of bats flying up in the sky from the nearest haunt filling more horror in the night while, an owl sitting on a branch for an unfortunate rat to come out to be grabbed to quench the day long hunger. Evening breeze from the sea pampering flowers dancing in the garden. The lamp post stood as a stump on the top holding a bit fire

The arch in the road lit with a line of lamps.

I sat under a lamp post and read that days school lessons, because I had nowhere else to go.

This beautiful night is a gift for everyone who is blessed with a pair of eyes.

V Bright Saigal

26th Nov.2008