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                                                                                   V BRIGHT SAIGAL


September Issue2005

Those Old Days (Poem)


Those old days, have gone

Leaving, rays of memory behind

Never ending hope, still in my horizon

Living in me, spreading the rays of hope

Will you come one day?  Showering

Happiness and smile, giving me a hand

Every little moment, sparks in my heart

Igniting, the past and you

I am still in love, with those days

You showered in my heart and on me

Rise again, from the silence

Giving me a hope, still, I await

The never-ending thirst of love

Still, roaring in my heart

Breaking four walls, of this world and mine

Will you come one day?


V BRIGHT SAIGAL 31st Aug.2005


My friend’s Dilemma (Short Story)


My friend is a retired bank employee. He boasts a lot about his past service, though; he was never been in the good book of his superiors. We people visit him every evening, to listen the saga of his life and career.

One day there was an earthquake in our city. Suddenly he started packing up his valuables, including his new computer, to send to his hometown, which is more than three thousand miles away from our city.


In the following day, the TV news showed a clipping of another earthquake, in his hometown. With a fore warning that, it may repeat in the next forty-eight hours. Perplexed my friend, sat disappointedly. I was coming from the office, after the daylong chores since morning, as a refreshing destination, I visited him in the evening as usual. His untimely sorrow moved me a little, and I was wondering how I could help him in any way. I asked him the reason for his untimely sorrow, and, I myself am disappointed without his stories, and saga of that evening.

He said, “Now where will I send all these, especially my computer?  Earth quake arrived in my home town too”.

I told him “There is a place where there is no earth quake”

Anxiously he asked me “Where it is?”

I shot back “Send to the Moon”


V BRIGHT SAIGAL 31st Aug.2005


Thoughts of today


Critics Are the Artisans, Who Chisel Out a Good Writer


V BRIGHT SAIGAL 31st   Aug. 2005


Quotes of Today


Every enemy of mine, waited like a Falcon

While I was running for a shelter,

Like, a featherless chick.


V BRIGHT SAIGAL 31st.Aug.2005