Poems & Stories-4

19/07/2012 12:29

A STREET DOG (Short Story)


This dog came to this street recently. He seems to be from a place where there is no food. His visible ribs tell me this truth. The skin covered the ribs like a cloth. His black marks on the white fur are beautiful. None has seen him before. On the first day his appearance was a tragedy. All other dogs in this area, chased him, his cry was louder. They have given him some bleeding marks. Now they seems to be accepted him in their group. In the morning he lays near the bus stop. If any one looks at him sympathetically, he waves tail, smells them and follows them until they force him back. Rain is the curse for him. He used to get wet. People never allowed him to take a shelter under any roof. He used to run one place to another until the rain stops. None' heart melted for him. At last the sky itself gives him shelter by stopping the rain. Still he loved every one. Waved tail in front of every one. His eyes sought sypathy. Someone given, others denied. Still he loved everyone, alike.

He never barked at anyone, nor did he growl