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19/07/2012 12:30


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                                             V BRIGHT SAIGAL



Ripples of Love

Ripples of love never subside,

Till the graveyard honor, and beyond

Sun and stars, smile and wink,

Yet, the showering tears, and smile prevail

Blurred vision and weeping heart mourn,

Before you lay silent, and beyond

The ocean of love, and legacy, prevail,

You left behind, and far

Leaving behind the day’s memories,

Hugging me still, the fragrance of past

Smile once , as you did ever,

From this coffin, before you leave

V BRIGHT SAIGAL (6th July 2005)

Short Story

The Last Supper

Still, I remember, the night along with others; we were having the supper. My father that night talked a lot, he made all of us laugh. When he came, it was an hour late for the supper. My younger sister had already slept. Mom was in the kitchen; I heard the noise of shower, while he was taking bath. From the bed, he grabbed my sister, still she was asleep. He took a piece of bread, dipped in stew, put into her mouth; she was chewing while closing her eyes. I laughed at her.

That night, my father was trying to distribute sweets, I asked the reason, he said ‘ I like it ‘. Again I didn’t try to explore; there was no meaning. Mother scolded me; ‘ otherwise he wants to know everything. I can’t let you ask anything and everything ‘.

My father stopped her, ‘ he is curious, that is what I like in him ‘. Again he told, ‘you don’t desert, your mother and sister, if ‘am not here, you are the only one they have’. My mother tried to stop him. He continued, I have some debts, ‘I couldn’t settle them, you should not ignore them. In the south side we have some property, I had mortgaged them, for my sister’s marriage. It was my father’s liabilty. I settled them in a descent way. We lost two cows; I had to sell them for her marriage’. After that my father didn’t talk, he went to bed.

Now, in front of us there, wrapped in a white cloth, closing his nose with cotton, tied toes, lying, as if, he is talking to me about his debts.

V BRIGHT SAIGAL (6th July 2005)

Today’ thought

1. Kindness is the gift,

   Everyone blessed with

2 . A good word can stitch a bleeding heart,

   If it is in time

3.  Life is the only voyage,

    Every one love to sail again and again

4. Clarity of thought,

   Accuracy of word,

Kindness of heart,

Can never be bought

5.  A thoughtless action is

   Harmful, than an epidemic

                                                  V BRIGHT SAIGAL (6th July 2005)