Poems &Stories May -2014 issue

02/05/2014 11:16

Poems & Stories

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--------------------------------------------May 2014 Issue




Echoing Memories


Inspiring memories refuse to retreat

From the abyss of my weeping heart

Echoing jingles of your laughter still prevails

Here in my heart wept for long days ever since


Beyond the horizon you vanished long ago

Leaving me alone to weep alone in melancholy

Sweeping away my happiness falling my spring

Somewhere behind the deep corner in my heart


Still your laughter echoing for once and again

Arising in my heart your moonlit countenance

Refuses to vanish from the canvass of my memories

Keeping my heart again longing for you today


Before I retreat from the drizzle of sweet memories

Sate once again the longing for your love at last

Once again! Once again adore my brimming heart

Before I fall and lay silent forever.



V Bright Saigal

2nd May 2014





The Last Wish


Short story



Defying the chilly winter piercing my bone marrow and the stiffened cold cement floor I stood under the bright street light I have read the letter again.


“Sam, I will come to meet you”.

 Folding the letter inserting in hurray into my coat pocket I lifted a cigar and inserted between my lips and lit. Puffing two blows of smoke I stood firmly yet my heart was perturbed and upset. The old memories started clouding in the vast sky of my heart.


 I waited for long time, trains came and paused hissing steam and retreated to hurry reaching the other destination. Frequently shaken the station platform many trains passed by.

These days she was my inspiration and the Butterfly in my life. The burning memories lit fire in my heart and reluctant to retreat even after so many years have passed the smoldering memories still prevails as if it will not find any place to nest anywhere else. I was bleeding from inside.


Once fine morning she came and asked me what I liked most.

I said “You”. Yes, “It is you” I reminded her reassured her.

Her laughter filled the hall and like broken glass pieces they echoed in the hall and between the wall.

The timer shed day faster and the maple trees adore many springs and winters once again and after.


On the last day, the convocation day she had asked me “Will you marry one day?”

I said “May be”.


After many years… now unexpected letter from her

My hands were shivering while reading that hand writing I was familiar with and forgotten long years ago.


I my mail box the letter came unexpectedly.

“I will come to meet you”.

Only one line

Below that… her signature


I was sweating.

It is ten at night and I have been here for more than four hours. None came.

Suddenly… a call from behind


“Sam” …a voice

I turned back.

An old woman smiling…

“This I for you”...


The old woman handed over me a packet.

“I am late, I could not walk fast” she said.

“Oh, it is ok” I said.

Before I ask her anything she got into the train and vanished.

I have opened the packet.


An old photo!

Monica and me ….

I could not believe it.

The photo we had taken after the convocation.


Below that… a white memory card and roses around it…

Then a message!!!


Monica Alvera

Born – Aug, 2nd 1912

Death – 3rd April -1964





My forehead sweats defying the cold winter of chilling January.

Then I saw in the white gown…the shadow of Monica bend the wall. She was waving hands disappearing.


“Will you marry me?”

Those words echoed in my heart again.



V Bright Saigal

2nd May 2014