#Press Release:A most-wanted writer's compelling novel is ready to be launched in the US and Canada.

07/01/2016 12:07

The most-wanted writer's compelling novelis ready to be launched in the US and Canada in 2016.

Readers’eager waiting will bear fruit in the next few months. New novels by V Bright Saigal are soon to be launched. “LONDON MARSHALL (Legacy of Sin and Lords of Raisina Hill),” a crime thriller, will soon be available.

According to the author’s publicist, V Bright Saigal is a political novelist whoprovides readers with adequate themes and memorable scenes to read and relish. From beginning to end, his works contain richverbal imagesto live in, and all three of his forthcoming novels are singularly competent and wholly fascinating. Some critical voices have come out against the author’s works, as Saigal’s creations unearth many sensitive factors and controversial issues.

The author’s e-magazine “Poems & Stories”has already received positive responses from readers. Many readers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Asia have praised the deep thinking and penetrative nature of author’s work.

The author's Web site athttps://www.vbrightbooks.webnode.com has been enriched with short stories and poems. New titles will be posted soon. A brief visit to his site promises an enriching experience for any reader. His third novel,“Conscript Memorial,” is now complete. It will be launched following his first two novels. His first two books, “The Philosophy of Governance,” a nonfictiontreatise and textbook for university students, and “IVT-Quiz,” which was designed for students, both have gotten very good response on Amazon.com©. His poems have been published by Savant Books-USA in its anthology “First Breath” and have earned favorable reviews.

“LONDON MARSHALL – (Legacy of Sin and Lords of Raisina Hill)” is a novel by Saigal.Portraying a topical social problem and keeping an air of suspense up to the end of the novel, the author takes the reader for a ride through a variety of incidents that many people will encounter at some time or other in their lives.Filled with dramatic turning points and significant events, every page portrays everyone's story. You are likely to find your own experience and unforgettable moments of your life captured in the book’s pages. You may even find someone just like you livingamong the characters.

A masterpiece of real life with a bit of suspense turning on thrilling events.

Disappointments, achievements, smoke, shower and spirit of real life—human beings trying to swim across the uncertain waters of life.Some drown,butthe luckier ones survive to live on the other side.

Pagesfrom everyone's liveshave been taken out and stitched together to form this novel. Within its pages you cry, I cry, everyone cries….

Here you live, I live, everyone lives. Someone takes all of us to the Western horizon of life. In the corner you may find someone like you in the fiction.

V Bright Saigal has earned his role as a political novelist.